Thursday, April 24, 2014

My first Pullip

This is my very first Pullip - a Pullip Youtsuzu. I finally dared to open the box it came. in. The doll was secured to the box by so many wires I felt like I was breaking her out of prison. I tried my best to keep the condition of the box as pristine as I possibly could. But who am I kidding? Once you made the first tear, there was no going back.

I made a little quilt for ... well, I shall officially call this doll Ichiryu. Do I really need to name her? After all she's a doll. But I guess it's easier than saying this doll, that doll.

I feel like a kid again playing with my new doll. I am quite rough so I have to be very careful when I position her for photographs. This doll photographs quite well although there is a bit of sheen on her skin.

Look at Ichiryu sleep on her new quilt.

It can also be her blanket.

I can't wait to make her more items.

More about the quilt here and here.

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Corinna said...

Never saw this kind of puppet before...she is so beautiful...adorable..can't wait to read more about her in your life