Thursday, April 24, 2014

My first Pullip

This is my very first Pullip - a Pullip Youtsuzu. I finally dared to open the box it came. in. The doll was secured to the box by so many wires I felt like I was breaking her out of prison. I tried my best to keep the condition of the box as pristine as I possibly could. But who am I kidding? Once you made the first tear, there was no going back.

I made a little quilt for ... well, I shall officially call this doll Ichiryu. Do I really need to name her? After all she's a doll. But I guess it's easier than saying this doll, that doll.

I feel like a kid again playing with my new doll. I am quite rough so I have to be very careful when I position her for photographs. This doll photographs quite well although there is a bit of sheen on her skin.

Look at Ichiryu sleep on her new quilt.

It can also be her blanket.

I can't wait to make her more items.

More about the quilt here and here.


Corinna said...

Never saw this kind of puppet before...she is so beautiful...adorable..can't wait to read more about her in your life

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