Thursday, April 24, 2014

My first Pullip

This is my very first Pullip - a Pullip Youtsuzu. I finally dared to open the box it came. in. The doll was secured to the box by so many wires I felt like I was breaking her out of prison. I tried my best to keep the condition of the box as pristine as I possibly could. But who am I kidding? Once you made the first tear, there was no going back.

I made a little quilt for ... well, I shall officially call this doll Ichiryu. Do I really need to name her? After all she's a doll. But I guess it's easier than saying this doll, that doll.

I feel like a kid again playing with my new doll. I am quite rough so I have to be very careful when I position her for photographs. This doll photographs quite well although there is a bit of sheen on her skin.

Look at Ichiryu sleep on her new quilt.

It can also be her blanket.

I can't wait to make her more items.

More about the quilt here and here.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Melly And Her Tutu

Hi. My name is Melly. That top I'm wearing? My owner, Jane sewed onto me project runway style! To remove it, you have to cut it apart. Check out my tutu. It's given by Sadie. Isn't it gorgeous? You can order it from her shop if you want your own. 
I can fly!
No, no, no more photos!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Dance Little Lady Dance

My girl told me that if I were to use Bratz doll as a model to fit for the dresses, all her other Barbie dolls would be able to wear the dresses as well as Bratz is larger in built.

I took her advice and sewed this flouncy dress for Bratz to wear to a dance. This dress reminds me of what Lucille Ball would wear on I Love Lucy.

I didn't do a very good job with the measurement of the flouncy skirt and it ended up too big to fit the bodice. So I had to gather it a bit and my sewing was a bit off. It's hard sewing on tiny garments! How do other people do it? Do they use tiny sewing machines?

I sewed a small ribbon onto the waistline (to hide the untidy sewing and gathers).

This pose is inspired by Flash Dance.

The flouncy skirt is really a large circle with a small centre circle cut out for the waist.

The Split

So Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sitting Pretty

I was googling for a bag tutorial when I stumbled upon Mellebugandme. What caught my eye was her Vintage Barbie Doll Dress Tutorial. Anyone who has tried to search for doll clothing tutorial will know there are just a handful.

The minute I had some free time, I immediately followed the tutorial and it was so easy I almost cried. With joy.

Here's the result. I didn't add any embellishment save for the shoulder strap as I wanted it simple.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

This Doll Can Ride

The doll is wearing a pair of jean-like pants which I fashioned out of an old dress. The fabric is a little stiff which is perfect for the effect I wanted. I personally prefer bell bottoms and of course the doll gets bell bottoms too. Sewing tiny pants is very hard. Sometimes I want to scream - big clumsy me. I had a little trouble with the velcro. Whenever the doll sits, it kinda opens up a little.

For the top I had nothing matching so I simply used a scarf as a top. Check out the pockets on the pants.

Yes, it's a hipster.

And of course a nice big crocheted bag for her um, big spool of thread.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Singapore Girl

This is my Singapore Girl outfit. Easy, breezy and sunny. I made it using my old maternity dress. I remembered feeling hot a lot when I was pregnant. So I bought clothes which helped me stay cool. I really wanted to do darts near the bustline to create a better fitted look but I'm terrible with darts and sewing small items is truly the hardest thing in the world. My girl has played with this dress quite a bit and it's looking rather raggedy.

Back view.

A simple crocheted bag to go with the dress.