Monday, December 22, 2008

Dance Little Lady Dance

My girl told me that if I were to use Bratz doll as a model to fit for the dresses, all her other Barbie dolls would be able to wear the dresses as well as Bratz is larger in built.

I took her advice and sewed this flouncy dress for Bratz to wear to a dance. This dress reminds me of what Lucille Ball would wear on I Love Lucy.

I didn't do a very good job with the measurement of the flouncy skirt and it ended up too big to fit the bodice. So I had to gather it a bit and my sewing was a bit off. It's hard sewing on tiny garments! How do other people do it? Do they use tiny sewing machines?

I sewed a small ribbon onto the waistline (to hide the untidy sewing and gathers).

This pose is inspired by Flash Dance.

The flouncy skirt is really a large circle with a small centre circle cut out for the waist.

The Split

So Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Jane, found you via Naomi's swap with a Difference. I reckon people do just what you've done - hide the untidy bits with embellishments hehe; that's what I do :) BTW have you heard anything further about the swap? I thought Naomi would have contacted us today unless she's still sorting out the list.
Anne x

jane p said...

Hi Anne, I'm surprised anyone comes to this blog! Happy to meet you. I guess we'll hear from Naomi when she's ready. Hey, maybe we might get to be swap buddies!

MdmSamm said...

You are one talented lady, I love your blog and all that you do with your creative side..sounds like you are a fantastic MOM too, in feeding them so ooooo well...I am Registered Nutritionist, so I was very impressed...
blessings to you my dear.
madame sammm

Sadie said...

Would you like a tutu for one of your little dolls? Let me know, I love making them. :)

Just stopped by to say thanks for entering my giveaway! It ends 2/21 at 9PM CST and the winner will be announced 2/22! Stay tuned! Good luck!